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Tied and Tickled Debbie

Posted in Bondage, Tickling by Tickled Stories on September 24, 2010

I always like to wear so nylons and high heels on my days off when nobody is home and being a man it’s not looked at very well.  It was my day off my wife was at work and my son at school so I decided to go out get myself a pair of thigh highs. I would have until 3:00 o’clock to have some fun until I would have to be cleaned up before my son got home at 4:00.

I decided that I would wear a pair of black nylons under my sweats pants when I went to the store. After getting dressed I had a raging hard on knowing that I was going to be a very naughty boy and venture outside in some nylons. Since I had my car parked in the back I was going to take it to the next step and wear some high heels to drive to the store in and put on a pair of crocks to run inside the store.

I make it to the store and park a little out of the way so I can change shoes and try to get my cock to calm down so that I don’t go into the store with a ragging hard on. I make my way into the store and wander my way over to where the nylons are sold. It doesn’t take long to find what I’m looking for, I’m in front of the rack of nylons looking at all of my options, the only problem I have is that I’m a taller guy so I need to get the queen sizes. The thigh highs are on the bottom self so I kneel down to get a better look for my size when I hear the clicking of high heels coming up behind me and I notice that she has on about a 5 inch red heels with black nylons, the thing that really catches my eye is that both heels are locked on with tiny padlocks on the ankle straps. I’m so caught by surprise that I just kneel there and stare for just a little bit too long, I suddenly get the feeling that I’ve been noticed “Take a picture it will last longer” she said to me in a smart ass tone and that’s when I realized I knew the voice, then she kept talking “you’re a really big guy to be wearing nylons, next time you go out you should wear shoes that stay on your feet” she said to me as felt that my feet were half out of my shoes because of the way they fit, after telling me that I said to her “I didn’t know you were into high heels that lock onto your feet Debbie? I never knew you where that kinky” I told her as I turned around to see the shocked look on her now beat red face.

high heel, red, nylon

“I I I I what are doing looking for nylons wearing nylons?” she asked me trying to divert my question of her. “I asked my question first, do you often go out to the store with 5 inch high heels locked to your feet? I hope it’s a good answer because I’m going to take your picture right now with my camera phone, if that isn’t enough evidence I don’t know what will be to show people it’s you” I told Debbie as I took a few shots as she tried to cover her face with her hands but I did get a few good shots because she had to catch her balance and grab the shelf to keep from falling over. “What are you doing? Please don’t show anyone, I just have a thing for high heels, I don’t get the chance to wear my tall ones very often so I like to go out in public to make the thrill even greater” Debbie told me as I put my phone back into my pocket and moved closer to Debbie. She grabbed my arm and whispered into my ear, “I will do whatever it takes to make those pictures go away, and I mean whatever” Debbie told me in her best seductive voice and holding onto my arm for balance “But beside I think you must have a little kink in you, I never would have guessed that you wear nylons, do you have any high heels to go with them?” Debbie said as I looked away and said no “I think you’re a big lair, I can tell by the way you avoided looking at me” she said and that’s when I knew that this could get interesting, “I think you have a bigger secret then mine, I bet you do own some high heels, I can tell, you know it’s a women’s sixth sense” she told me as I began to get hard from all of her questions, I was trying to readjust myself without begin noticed that’s when she made me a deal I couldn’t refuse, “I will let you tie me up and do whatever you want to me and I won’t tell a soul as long as I can see you in your high heels, and I mean whatever” Debbie told me as I looked at her and told her yes. Debbie and I walked out of the store together and decided meet at my house in 20 minutes.

We walked out of the store and hardly said a word to each other, I was trying not to broadcast my hard on while Debbie was careful not to lose her balance, as we left the store Debbie told me she had to go home and grab a few things before she came back, She didn’t live that faraway so she would be right on time. I told her she could park in the backyard and no one would be able to see her and to use the back door.

I pulled up to the house put my high heels in a bag and went into my house and pulled my bag of rope and nylons and other fun stuff back out. I was just about to sit down thinking she wasn’t going to come over because it’s been about forty minutes when I heard a car pull into my driveway, my heart started to race, Debbie was really here and I was going to have some fun.

I opened the back door to the sunroom and watched as Debbie grabbed a big bag out of her car and threw it over her shoulder and headed into my door. “I tried to get here on time but it took me a little longer to grab some things I have never had the chance to wear before, Robert isn’t as adventurist as I am” Debbie told me as I moved over and grabbed the bag from her.

“I’m ready to see you in your high heels are you ready to tie me up?” Debbie asked me as I set the bag down on the couch, “I think you should use my one arm glove I brought with me, I never got to wear it before and I can’t wait to try it on what do you think?” Debbie asked me and all that would come out of my mouth is sure.

Debbie followed me to the bedroom and as soon as I put down the bag she jumped up on the bed and put both of her arms behind her back as a sign that she is ready to be tied up. I opened the bag and couldn’t how full it was, there was everything from rope to gags, vibrators, handcuffs, I wanted to use it all on Debbie and hopefully she gives me the chance. I pulled out the armbinder Debbie wanted me to use; it was so soft to the touch. “I think you going to like wearing this, it’s so soft it won’t bother you at all” I told Debbie as I slid the sleeve up past her elbows and took one strap and wrapped it under her armpit over her shoulder and buckled it to the top of the armbinder and did the same with the second strap. Next I started to finish up by lacing up the glove all the way to the top. I would loop through about four holes and go back down to make sure everything was tight, I made sure to ask Debbie that it wasn’t too tight for her because she might be wearing it for awhile, I was hard as a rock as I finished and asked Debbie how she felt, “I just can’t believe how tight yet comfortable it is, it’s even better than I had imagined it would be” Debbie told me.

Debbie just kept moving and wiggling around on the bed lost in the feeling of being tied up, with all of her moving around her skirt was up around her hips, if her high heels weren’t still strapped on her feet they more than likely would have came off on their own. I just stood back and watched for a couple of seconds lost in the moment at hand, having one of my sisters best friends tied up on my bed and me about to put on some nylons for her.

“Are you going to put them on for me? As you can see I’m a little tied up and at you beck and call” Debbie told me as she tried with all of her mite to sit on the edge of the bed, “I am about to but I think I am going to have to tie you legs first I don’t want you running away, do you want your ankles side by side or crossed?” I asked Debbie as I grab a length of rope and listen to her answer. “I think I want them to be side by side, this way I can roll around a little if I want to” Debbie said to me, “O.K. I need to have you roll onto your stomach so I can get you tied up the rest of the way” I said as I grabbed her right ankle and pushed it toward her thigh and did the same with her left leg. I wrapped rope around both ankles making sure not to get the straps of her shoes in the way; there was a pretty good chance I would be taking them off later.

After I got her ankles done I moved up her legs to tie her knees together while she still was on her stomach her arms moving back and forth in her one arm glove. I finished with her knees and then grabbed one more rope and used it to tie her ankles to the ring at the end of her armbinder. I stood up off of the bed and reached over and touched her side and gave it a little squeeze, she now fully realized how helpless she was as she wiggled trying to avoid me fingers, “AHHHhh I’m very tick ha ha ha ha lish you have to stop” Debbie told me as she was trying not to get laughing too hard.Debbie

“I think you are ready to see me dressed up for you, I hope you will like what you see” I told Debbie as I grabbed a pair of my new nylons and red four inch high heels and walked over to the other bedroom to get dressed.

I stripped down to nothing and had a hard time keeping myself for blowing a load right then as I pulled on my new pair of nylons, first my left leg then my right. I slide my feet into my red pumps and walked over to the dresser and used some scissorsand cut a hole in the crotch so I could have my dick ready and available for whatever happens. I set the scissors down and opened the door and walked back over to Debbie.

I could tell she heard me coming from the clicking of my high heels on the hardwood floor because she was staring at the doorway as I walked through it. “Oh my god, you look great! I can tell you have wore high heels more than a few times with how easy your walking in them” Debbie told me as I move over toward the bed she rolled herself off of her stomach and onto her side so she could watch my every move. I walk passed Debbie and stopped behind her and kneeled on the bed and trapped her on her side. She was wiggling trying to get back over onto her other side so she could see me better “Let me roll over to see you, you said I could see you if you could tie me up” she told me as I started to rub her nyloned covered legs. “I think I may have to tickle a little bit first, you aren’t to ticklish are you?” I asked Debbie as I move my hand up along her leg and stop on her ribs and squeeze and rub them, she tried with all of her might to get away but with her armbinder on and tied in a hogtie there was little she could do to stop me.Debbie

“I’ll do whatever you want but please HA HA HA don’t tickle me!” Debbie told me as she was trying to roll over and get away from me, I was now hard and a rock and ready to tickle Debbie until I had enough.

I rolled Debbie onto her stomach once again and moved behind her and straddled her legs pushing her feet closer to her ass. She was trying to get away as I grabbed her left ankle and started to remove her high heels.

“No no no no no please you can’t take off my shoes, please don’t I’ll do anything for you just leave my shoes on” Debbie told me but I didn’t stop. I took off her left shoe and raised it up to my nose for a quick whiff, the scent was great it made me get ever harder and more determined to tickle her feet than ever. I bent down and nibbled on her toes which in turn made her scream a little out loud. “OOOOOOOOOO ah ah don’t he he he he do ttttthhhhhhaaaaattttt, plea plea please stop! I can’t stand it oooooooo aaahhhh” Debbie screamed and that’s when I knew I had her just where I wanted her. I stopped nibbling her cute toes and asked her some questions as she started to catch her breath.

“Do you have any idea how hard my cock is? Do you know how much I need to tickle your feet? Are you ready to be tickled some more?” I asked her as she tried to roll off of her stomach with no luck. “I think it’s time for you to make me cum and help you do the same any ideas how we can accomplish that?” I told her as I got up off of her legs and stood next to her still tied tight on my bed.

“I am so close to cumming already all I think I need is you cock in my mouth sucking you off, that will make me cum” Debbie told me as I move over to the front of the bed where her head was at, I reached down and grabbed Debbie by her shoulders and pulled her toward the edge of the bed so her head was almost off the bed. I could now stand there in my high heels and nylons with my cock right at Debbie’s mouth level.

“I think this is just where you need to be isn’t it” I told her as I slid my cock into her wanting mouth. It didn’t take her a second to get started on my cock as I felt her tongue working it’s magic up and down my shaft and along my tip, “slow down, I want to enjoy this moment a little longer then two minutes” I told her as she pulled back to give me a little break. While I’m standing there head swirling around I hear a phone make a noise like it just got a text message, then again, then a third time in fifteen seconds. “Wow someone besides me wants you really bad should I see who it is?” I asked Debbie she told me “sure it should help me calm down a little bit”Debbie

I grabbed her phone and look at it to read the messages they read

“Mom, you know with Dad on a golf trip with friends and you at the casino for the weekend I was going to surprise Ben today, where is the bag with all of the toys?”

“I hope you’re not stuck by yourself again, I don’t know where to find you?”

“Never mind, I’m going to the store to get some rope and go old school. Some of our stuff might have scared him at first anyway.” Amy

I can’t believe it Amy was just as kinky as her mom, and that was a good thing.

Amy is 19 and a good looking girl like her Mom. “I never would have guessed being kinky would have run in the family, I think I should finish up with you so you can go give you daughter some of your toys to use” I told her as I set the phone down and walked back over to the bed. “I have a better idea; let me finish giving you a blowjob and you can come over and see Amy tied up. Part of the deal is that you have to wear your high heels and nylons into my house from the street. Are your feeling lucky hoping no one will see you?” Debbie told me.Debbie

I stood there thinking about what was being asked of me. Is seeing Amy tied up worth the chance of me being seen? Can I take some pictures? Will Debbie let me tie her up again in the future? I looked over at Debbie looking at me and I knew I just had to do it. “How soon until Amy has herself self tied up?” I asked her. “I’m sure she will be done in about five minutes. You better let me finish you up so we can get going, if were fast enough we can still come back here after were done with Amy and you can tie me up again or I can tie you what do you think?” Debbie asked me. I told her that it all sounds great as I move my dick closer to her mouth so I could finish having my blowjob. Just as I was about to blow I reached down to tickle Debbie’s feet which in turn took me over the edge as I shot a huge load into Debbie’s mouth. “I’m not going to stop tickling until you’ve sucked down every drop” I told her as I felt her doing her best as she was giggling.

After I came I untied Debbie and I got into her car high heels and all camera in hand going to see Amy.

To be continued

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