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Paybacks can be fun

Posted in Bondage, Tickling by Tickled Stories on May 2, 2009

I asked Antinette if she had any special ideas about what she wanted done to herself and she replied, “I just want you to tickle me like you would want to be tickled. Then do it ten times more.” I asked her if she was sure that she could handle it because I was going to tickle her like she had never been tickled before.

“I hope I can stand it, but with you tying me up it might be easier to take. I just hope you can make me cum again like that time I was tied to the couch before. (I never told you that part of the story), When I was being tickled, at first I thought I was going out of my mind. Then all of a sudden I started to get turned on. I couldn’t believe it. All that tickling was getting me hotter and hotter. I came in waves that time and since then, it’s never happened that way again, but I’m hoping with your help I can do it again.”

“I’ll do my best,” I told her and pulled up a couple of chairs for her to sit on. Antinette took off her skirt and blouse and sat down. I moved behind her and tied a scarf over her eyes. I told her that I loved the way that her high heels looked on her and asked her if I cold put them back on since she had taken them off earlier. She said, okay and slid her nylon covered feet back into her shoes.

I moved around front and grabbed her left foot, put on the cuff and then connected it to the pulley. I moved over and did the same with her right foot. “I’m not so sure about this now,” she nervously said. “Be nice to me okay?” I told her that I’d be nice. I asked her to give me her hand so that I could put the cuff around her wrist and connect the clip to the pulley. Then I moved over to her other wrist and did the same thing. I moved around to the front of her and started to take the slack out of the rope.

I could see that Antinette was starting to get nervous “I sure hope this is what you wanted because I think I’m going to have a lot of fun,” I told her as I moved my finger down her arms real slowly. “Ppplease don’t. Ha ha ha. I cccaan’ttt stand it. HA HA! I think I shouldn’t have let you do … HE HE

HE … this DSC01753%20copy%20Small

to meeeeeee!!!” “Antinette, I’m just getting started. Wait until I move to your feet!” I told her as I wiggled my finger into her shoe. I thought that she was going to jump off of the chair!

“NO, NO, NO … HA HA HA … PPLEAASSE SSTTOOPP! HE HE … MY FEET ARE WAY TO TICKLISH!!!” She screamed! With all of her laughing and squirming, I started to get hard again. “You know what I think?” I told her. “You’re moving your legs around too much. I need to add more rope.” “No, that’s Okay. I think I’ve had enough fun. You can let me go. I’ll never tell anyone about finding you and you can have your disks back. Just please don’t tickle me anymore and let me go” she pleaded. I told her that I couldn’t do that and that we had a deal. I tied her ankles to the chair with the ropes pulling up and new ropes pulling down and tied to the chair. She could hardly move them at all. I was now rock hard again. I took my dick and rubbed it one of her feet. Antinette wiggled her foot and tried to get it away, but it was no use because of the way that she was tied. “Please … HA HA … Don’t use that on my foot. Bring it … HE HE … up to my mouth! I need to suck it.”

“That’s a great offer, but I have some business to take care of first,” I told her as I moved my hands to her sides. I slowly tickled her ribs up and down. I couldn’t believe how ticklish she was. Her laughing was so loud that I thought the neighbors might hear. I worked up and down those sides and then into her armpits.

“NO NO, STOP! I CAN’T … HA HA … TAKE IT! Give me … HA HA … A break! I need to catch my breath. PLEASE!” I stopped to let her catch her breath. But then I asked her in protest. “How can you have an orgasm if I keep stopping?” I answered my own question by adding, “I guess that’s enough of a break now. I have to take off those shoes. I hope your feet don’t tickle too much?” I teased. “Please don’t tickle my feet! They tickle so much! I can’t take anymore!” She pleaded again. “I’m just doing what you asked me to do. My goal is to make you climax just by tickling your feet no matter how long that might take. Kelly won’t be home for days.”

I slowly unbuckled Antinette’s shoes as she kept wiggling her feet and trying to get them away from my fingers. I slid off one of her black pumps and tickled her foot with her own shoe. As I pulled it off, she begged, “That’s enough! Please leave my other shoe on. One foot is enough for anyone to be tickled on.”

I told her that I had to take them both off to get the right effect. Then I unbuckled and took off her other black pump. Now both feet were free of their shoes and just waiting to be tickled. I started to tickle her left foot with my fingertips. Her laughing was great. I was so hard that I didn’t know how much longer I could last. Then I used my other hand on her ribs. “HA HA HA … stop! I can’t take it! Please … he he he … let me go!!!”

“Not just yet,” I told her as I moved my mouth over to her toes. I nibbled and she went crazy.

“Oh my god! That … ha ha ha … tickles so much! But it feels so good. I think … ha ha ha … you might be on to something! Don’t stop,” she begged. “Just a little bit more!!” I was so hard! I took my hands off of her ribs and moved them to my dick. I began to stroke myself. Her toes tasted great and I was in heaven!

“Please don’t make yourself cum. Let me suck you off. Please let me do it.” I stopped, straddled her and brought my cock up to her lips. Antinette sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to shoot my load, so I thought I could slow her down if I tickled her underarms. I wiggled my fingers all over her sides and muffled giggles came out of her mouth. After about two minutes of sucking and tickling, I shot my love juice and she licked up every last drop. “Tickle both of my feet at the same time and don’t stop until I’m cumming,” she begged me. “I’m almost there! I can feel it building!” I went to work on both of feet as she continued to moan and laugh. “Don’t stop! I’m cumming!” She shook like mad. She was cumming in waves and I just kept tickling her.

After about three minutes she asked me to stop. After all that, I had to give her a break. “I want you to know that was great. I never thought I could cum that hard. That was the best! I’m sure glad you needed some help. If you ever need help like this again, don’t be afraid to call me.” I told her, “Okay” and asked if she was ready to be let go. “In a little bit,” she answered back. “Just nibble on my toes a little bit more and I’ll be all set.”

I bit and licked both of her nyloned covered feet for about 30 minutes and then I let her loose. As we cleaned up, Antinette said, “goodbye,” and then added, “Since Kelly won’t be home for a couple of days, maybe I can come over for lunch tomorrow and you can be waiting for me in a different position.” I told her that it was a great idea and told her that I’d be ready at noon. “Okay then, it’s a deal. See you at noon tomorrow. Bye bye.”

Called for help

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It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I have another adventure that I’ll never forget. My wife, son, in-laws and grandma were going out of town for 5 days to visit a sick Aunt. I told them that I couldn’t get time off work, so I would have the house to myself. They were leaving on a Thursday morning and would be back later the following Monday night. I started to get my plans together for some self-bondage fun. First I checked my wind-up alarm clock to make sure that it still worked. I taped a piece of cardboard to it to put the keys on, so when the alarm went off the keys would fall. I also attached a piece of string to the keys so that they would be easier to grab. I tested it and it worked great. Now all I had to do was to get ready.

The first thing that I did was to put on some new nylons. I love how they make my legs feel. Then I put on my four inch patent leather pumps. I’ve gotten good at walking in them. Next I roped my shoes to my feet so that I can’t take them off. I put a compilation tape in the VCR of me tied up and tickled and of clips from other movies. I made it six hours long so that it wouldn’t run out on me. Then I started a slide show on the computer of all the pictures that I had downloaded from the Net. I had photos of people who were being tickled and tied up, but I had put my friends’ faces on them so that you couldn’t tell the difference. With that going on, I started the video camera so that I could get the whole thing on tape. It was only 12 o’clock when I set the clock for three hours. That would give me plenty of time to be tied up.

First I roped my ankles together and then my knees. I laid on the floor and put one of the hand cuffs around the rope, tying my ankles. Then I took another pair and cuffed my hands. The last open cuff went around the cuffs on my hands. I was now in a very tight hog-tie with no way out until the keys would fall later on as planned.

I was having a lot of fun rolling and squirming around when the phone rang. It took four rings until the answering machine got it. After about 2 1/2 hours, I started to get a little stiff and was ready to get out when the phone rang again. After the machine picked it up, I heard my wife’s friend Antinette saying, “Just calling to see what you guys are doing tonight. Bill has school and my mom is watching Lisa. Give me a call if you want to do something after I get off work. Talk to you later. Bye bye.”
Kelly must have never told her that she was going out of town. I looked at the clock that had the keys. I knew that it would ring at any second and the keys would fall so that I could get loose. But when the alarm clicked and started to ring, the keys fell and the string got hung up on the stand that the clock was on. The keys were stuck! I moved over and hit the wall, trying to get the keys down, but after being tied so tightly for so long, I didn’t have the strength to do much. I start to panic. “What am I going to do now?” I thought to myself. “I can’t stay here for days.” I had an idea to call someone on the phone. I really had no other choice. I knew that I would have to call somebody. “But who?” I thought to myself. With my hands cuffed behind my back, I really couldn’t work the phone very well. I’d have to use *69 and call back the last person who called.

Either that or 911 which I definitely didn’t want to do. I knew that if I used the *69 option on my phone, I’d be dialing Antinette. I thought that she probably wouldn’t understand, but I thought I’d have no other choice. I squirmed over to the cordless phone which I had left on the floor. I got a pen in my mouth to give it a try.It took four tries, but I finally got through.
“Hello. Bank One. May I help you?” It was Antinette’s voice. It was lucky for me that she had answered the phone. “Hi. This is Casey. I’m kind of in a bind.” I told her. “Do you think there is any way that you could stop by on your way home?” “Sure. No problem. I can be there in about ten minutes. I was just walking out the door.”
“One other thing. You need to grab the spare key that we keep outside on the air conditioner and let yourself inside.” I told her. “Is there anything wrong? Are you okay? Where’s Kelly?” I told Antinette that Kelly was out of town for a few days and that everything was okay, but that needed a helping hand with something which I would explain later. She told me that she would be right over and said, “Good-bye.”

After about ten minutes, I heard a car pull into our driveway. I could hear the back gate open and knew that I would soon be found out. I started to get hard. I tried to stop it, but it has a mind of it’s own, especially in such a predicament. I heard the key slide into the lock and the door open.

“Hello? Where are you?” Antinette asked “Downstairs,” I yelled out, “but before you come down, you can never tell another living person what you are about to see.” I pleaded. “Maybe I should just turn around and go home then, because that is a lot to ask for,” she replied back to me a little nervously. “Please. Just come down and help me. You’ll understand once you see.” Walking down the stairs, I could hear the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor. As soon as she saw me she blurted out, “Oh my god! What are you doing?” Then she looked around the room a bit. “I can’t believe this! What is this on the TV?” She walked over and started to watch the video of me tied up to some chair with my feet tied in the air and tickled all over by Kelly. “Now I know why you were always trying to tickle my feet. That’s something you like to do. I can’t believe the pictures on the computer, either. Look at these! That’s me! I never did any of these things, but it looks just like me.” I think that by now she was more amused than angry. I was both embarrassed, but also very excited. I pleaded with her. “If you could just please let me go. Please don’t ever tell anyone about this. I hope that you can keep this a secret.”

“I can’t believe how much this makes sense.” She said as she began to fully realize what was going on. “You always wanted all the girls to wear nylons and pumps. I guess you love them so much that you went out and bought your own.” Then with a devious laugh she said, “Do you think that I’m just going to let you go and forget that this ever happened? If you think that, then you’re crazy. Besides, by the looks of it, you are having fun.” To my pleasant surprise, she then used her foot to flick my rock hard dick. “You’re starting to blush. I didn’t embarrass you, did I? Maybe if you can’t see me, you’d be okay.” So she picked up a scarf and started to blindfold me. “That’s better. Now you don’t know where I’m going to attack. Do you remember about eight years ago when you tickled my feet after we came back to my house after going out for some drinks? I feel asleep on the couch and you guys tied my hand to one end of the couch and my feet to the other end. Do you remember that? You slid my shoes off and tickled my feet. You kept telling me not to think about and assured me that the tickling wouldn’t be so bad. Well, I think that I’m going to try that on you and see how you like it.”

“Antinette! Please just let me go. Don’t tickle me, please!” I yelled “That was the same thing that I had said to you, remember?” Without another word, she started to work her fingers into my sides. “Ha, haa … Plllease … don’t tickle me … Hee Haa … just stop and let me go!” “Not until I’ve had my fill. I sure hope that your feet aren’t as ticklish as your sides, ’cause you’ll die.” she said “Don’t take off my shoes! You can go now. I’ll find another way to get free.” “Okay, but first I’m going to copy all of these pictures. I’m going to need some work done on my house and we can work out a trade. You work on my house and I’ll give you your pictures back.” Antinette told me as I heard her put her thumbdrive in and started to copy the pictures I couldn’t see anything because of the blindfold, but I kept feeling her foot touch my dick. “I can tell you that is the biggest one I ever saw,” she said referring to my dick. “I think that I might give it a taste. Would you mind?” she asked and after being tied up for four hours with no release, I told her that she could as long as she let me go when she was done. I rolled onto my back. I was at full glory. She was taking the whole thing up and down when she reached underneath me and began to work her fingers into my shoes.

“That wasn’t part of the … HA HA … deal.” I screamed out. “You were just … HA HA HA … supposed to suck it … HA HA … not tickle my feet!” I couldn’t stop laughing. “Well, if that how you want it, I won’t suck it at all. I’ll just tickle you,” she told me as her hands were all over me again. I couldn’t stand it. Then she got up and gave me a break. “I’m going to go upstairs to get something to drink. Do you want something?” She laughed and walked up the stairs. So there I was tied up and hard as a rock with no way to get out or to get off. I just hoped that she would let me go soon. I heard her up in our bedroom moving things around. Then she comes back downstairs. “Look. I found some new shoes to wear. These must be Kelly’s. I’m glad that we share the same size.” she said as she sat down on a chair right next to me and began to play with my dick with her foot. “Please. Just let me cum. I’ll do anything.” I begged as I felt her toes next to my mouth. “Go ahead. Suck on them. And it better not tickle or I’ll tickle you 10 times as much.” I was very careful. I was licking and sucking her nyloned encased toes and was in heaven! I was so close to cumming because she was rubbing my dick with her other foot. I think that she could tell. If I made a mess on her foot, I would surely have to clean it up. I tried to slow it down and make it last, but it was tough. After a couple of seconds she quit rubbing and pulled her foot from my mouth. “Okay. It’s the time you’ve been waiting for. Me to take off your shoes and tickle your feet.” Antinette told me in a playful voice. “No, no! Please don’t! I’ve had enough!” I pleaded with her. “You’ll be okay. It’s an Idea that I got off of your video. I’m going to pull your legs up in the air with the pulleys and then tickle both of your feet at once.”

I heard Antinette hooking up the pulleys to the ceiling. She rolled me onto my stomach and put the cuffs for the pulleys onto my ankles. I was begging for her not to do it, but she ignored me. She pulled the rope tight and then rolled me onto my back. She unhooked the cuffs from my hog-tie, untied my ankles and knees, and then pulled the rope until my feet were about three feet into the air and my hips were also off the ground. “Are you having fun yet? I can tell this is going to be a blast to tickle your feet like this!” I felt her fingers working the ropes loose that held on my shoes. “No, don’t take them off. I can’t stand to have my feet tickled. Please don’t do this!” I asked but she wasn’t stopping.

“If I didn’t think you liked this, I wouldn’t tickle you, but from looking at your cock and what was going on in that video, I think you’ll love it!” She was right about that. Then I felt her starting to tug the shoe off of my foot. I tried to crunch my toes to keep it on, but it was no use. “My, you sure put up a fight to keep it on. Just let me pull of the other one and then I’ll see how much tickling you can take.” Antinette soon had both of my shoes off and started to taunt me. “Boy, this is going to tickle so much that you’re going to go crazy. I’m sure glad that it’s not me.” she said.

She moved to the front of me and put one of her high heels up to my lips. “Could you please lick my toes? I just love when you do that.” I started to lick her feet when I felt her hand on my cock. She stroked it up and down. “See? I can be nice too. I’ll bet you wished you never called me?” Antinette said and that’s when I told her “I never would believe you would be this understanding. I’m glad that you came over. I’m having a great time. Just let me cum and I’ll do anything. Just ask me.”

“Okay, but first I have to still tickle your feet. You’re not getting out of that. But when I’m done, I’ll make you a deal.” With that said, she went to work tickling both of my feet at once. Her fingers danced on my nylon covered arches and toes. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop. Then I felt her lips on my cock as she sucked it like there was no tomorrow. It took only a few minutes until I came. She sucked up every drop. I was in heaven. She kept tickling my feet for another couple of minutes after I came. The tickling was much worse. I begged her to stop and she finally did. She untied my legs, but left my hands cuffed and told me what she wanted me to do. “I want you to do the same thing to me. I’ve always wanted to be tied up and tickled, but Lou never wants to do that to me. He doesn’t think it’s right. If You do that for me, I’ll never tell anyone about finding and helping you. Is it a deal?”
I replied back, “How can I refuse”
The End


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